Friday, February 28, 2014

All in White


2014-02-13 08.31.52

Everyone here says this has been an unusually snowy winter.  There have been a few snowy days, closing local schools, and forcing the temple to open late twice, and close late on a couple other days.  But on Feb 13, we got over a foot of snow, and it was truly beautiful.  A couple days before that snow I had said out loud (oops!) that if it was going to keep snowing, I wish we would at least get a decent amount.  Well, we did.  Guess it was my fault.  Sure was beautiful, though!! 

TEMPLES are all about WHITE! Symbolizing cleanliness and purity before God, everyone who comes to the temple changes into white clothing. There we work together, and serve each other, without any thought of worldly differences that sometimes separate us from each other. It has an equalizing effect, helping us to see each other as God sees us, and love each other as God loves us. It is incredible the spirit of love and devotion that we feel in the temple. It is God’s work, and we are instruments in His hands, making His saving ordinances available to all of His children, no matter when or where they lived on this earth. I love it!!!

Here are a few other wintry WHITE pictures:

                         2014-02-13 08.33.39               2014-02-13 08.46.48    


               2014-02-13 08.00.03




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